US Innovation Tour

Early in 2018 we will be taking our National Winner of the Australia Post Regional Pitchfest to the US as part of the winners prize. The schedule of meetings and visits is getting more exciting by the minute. As Michael our winner (14 years old btw!) created a edu tech product a lot of the focus of his week in the Valley surrounds edu tech and retail insights.

For me I am keen to not only share this experience with Michael, but also dive deeper into designing programs and services that have greater impact in the rural and regional setting. I am reading a lot about circular economies and am taking this into consideration as we build out whats next. So Aussies in the Valley, when it comes to community building and servicing the communities of the future - who should I catch up with?

Following Michael's trip I will be heading on to undertake a Rural Innovation Tour to learn more about how rural areas in the US have built vibrant ecosystems that have boosted the community and given it purpose and security into the future. As much as the Valley will be is this part that I am most excited about. The opportunity to see, learn, absorb and share will help build accelerate the Regional Pitchfest program and also provide insights into community building which I am super passionate about.

So when it comes to Rural Innovation and entrepreneurship, who should you meet in the States? I am heading to Austin, Boulder, Kansas City and Lincoln from 29 Jan until 4 Feb with some key peeps in mind. Whilst there I would be super keen to catch up with any Aussies in the start up space - so who are all the cool kids??

Cristy Houghton